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Van Wreckers

United Car Removal are van wreckers that will remove any make and model of vehicle of any age and condition. Being auto buyers and wreckers that specialize in van wrecking, we know the real worth of your vehicle, and we offer you that in our cash quote. Just give us a call and we’ll make you an offer today.

As professional Van Removal that service the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter regions, and ones that specialize in all makes and models of vans, we offer fair prices on your unwanted van of any condition. Our wreckers have the experience to take any make of van, and get the best value from the vehicle:

Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Citroen, Buick, Dodge, Daewoo, Fiat, GMC, Honda, and any other make of van.

By best value, we mean anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands! We pay up to $9999 CASH for VANS.

We Pay You The VALUE of Your Van

At United Car Removal, we pay you the VALUE of your van. As the van specialists in the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter regions you can expect the best appraisers and best services. With our team, you get high cash payouts and Fast Van Removals that excel. Our appraisers quickly calculate the value of your vehicle based on complete facts like:

  • The make and model of a vehicle
  • The year and condition
  • Any modifications
  • Any issues
  • Odometer reading

We know that your vehicle may be in the condition that it is no longer roadworthy. We are the van specialists that will take the weight and size of the vehicle into consideration as well as parts we can recondition and precious metals we can recycle. At United Car Removal, you get the value of your vehicle.

Eco-Friendly Van Recycles

At United Car Removal, we offer eco-friendly disposals that don’t contaminate the environment. Our team of Car Wreckers practices green auto recycling. With our green recycling, all hazardous materials like fluids from the vehicle are disposed of properly, and the rest of the car is recycled and refurbished. Get the peace of mind of going green with your auto disposal.

Free Van Removals

Get a free van removal in the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter regions with one call to United Car Removals. Our removal technicians work around the clock to provide our customers with van removals at hours of the day that are convenient for them. AM or PM, just give us a call and schedule a free van removal Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle or Hunger regions.

Why Choose Us?

At United Car Removal, we are licensed and insured professional van buyers and wreckers. We provide a range of services with each vehicle we purchase that include:

  • Instant cash quotes – get a cash quote over the phone or online.
  • Instant cash payments – we pay up to $9999 CASH
  • Free van removals – we service the Sydney, Hunter, Central Coast and Newcastle area with free vehicle removals
  • Eco-friendly auto wrecking – our auto wrecking is eco-friendly and always free

At United Car Removal, we are a company that makes fair cash offers that vehicle owners do accept. For more information on our vehicle removals, contact us at the number below. We also offer quotes over the phone and through our “Get a Quote” form located at the top right of this page. One call, and we can be on our way with as much as $9999 CASH for your van!

Give us a call at 0487002222