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Used Car Buyers

Top cash offers of $9999, and always guaranteeing our best or highest offer, you have fairly used car buyers in United Car Removals. We make quick cash deals for used vehicles of any make and condition. Give us a call at 0423585460. We guarantee to buy your vehicle.

Used Car Buyers

At United Car Removals, we buy used cars. As used car buyers that buy any make and condition of a vehicle, you can get your vehicle sold without hassles. We are fully licensed and insured and come to you to inspect and purchase your vehicle. Before we schedule an inspection, we provide you with a quick cash quote for the auto, so you know whether you’d like to sell your vehicle to United Car Removal.


Why do we want to buy your used car?

United Car Removal buys used cars for a number of reasons:

  • To resale the vehicle– We buy used cars that need a few repairs, as well as those in mint condition to resale the autos.
  • To recycle autos – Vehicles that are so severely damaged will be stripped and recycled.
  • To recycle and refurbish parts – As used car buyers and wreckers, we purchase vehicles to remove working parts under the hood to refurbish for resale. Once any parts that can be reconditioned are stripped, the remaining vehicle and parts will be recycled. We are the car removal company that pays top cash for cars of every make and condition.

Trusted Used Car Buyers

United Car Removal is a trusted used car buyer that provides the peace of mind of being a legitimate car buyer. Car buying and wrecking is our profession. Our car buying system offers ease when selling your vehicle, providing you with:


  • Sell your vehicle “As Is” – We don’t require that you make repairs, polish or shine the vehicle. We will buy your unwanted auto “as is.”
  • Provide all the paperwork – At United Car Removal, we provide all the paperwork that assures you that you have sold your vehicle to a trusted car buyer and that the liability of the vehicle is transferred to us.
  • Free car removals – You don’t have the inconvenience of having to transport your vehicle to us. We come to you to purchase the vehicle. Car Removals can be scheduled around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are always offered for free.
  • Cash payments on the spot – At United Car Removal, we make cash payments on the spot. When we buy vehicles, we offer car owners up to $8999 cash. That cash is paid at the time we come to remove your vehicle.

We Are The Reliable Car Removal Company You Can Trust

At United Car Removal, we are the reliable car removal company you can trust. Our company is one that offers all the advantages of selling your vehicle to a professional car buyer without hassles. We offer quick and convenient car buys that start with a call to us. Quotes on vehicles can be obtained over the phone or through our “Get a Quote” form that is located at the top right of this page. Once a quote is obtained, you simply accept or reject the offer. Accept, and we are on our way to purchase your vehicle.
United Car Removal buys every make and model of vehicle of any age and condition. Give us a call today. You may hear an offer of up to $9999 cash.


Call us at 0423585460
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We guarantee a hassle-free sale today!


What happens in our Used Car Removal service

  • Initial offer: Call us at 0487002222 to get in touch with one experienced crew members. During the call, you will be asked to provide the correct details of your car and we’ll provide you a rough value for your car. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our online form or through our email
    and we’ll get to you with an offer ASAP.
  • Scheduling the pick-up: Upon accepting our offer, we can then move onto scheduling a date to have your car picked up. We are very flexible and work with you to choose a time which suits you best. This may be the same day, same week, or even months ahead.
  • Completing the sale: At the time of pick-up, we will perform a final valuation on-site to verify the details of your vehicle. Afterward, you can confirm the sale by filling out a few easy paperwork. Once all the formalities are done, we provide you your payment in the method of your choosing, either through cash or funds to your account. All that’s left is to collect your car and you walk away with a hefty sum of money.