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Jeep Wreckers

United Car Removal provides vehicle owners in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Hunter regions, Jeep Wreckers services. With cash for the Jeep system, we pay cash on the spot for your vehicle. With the ease of our system, you don’t have to prep your jeep for the wrecker. We remove all the fluids and liquids and wreck the vehicle for free. Simply give us a call for a cash quote up to $9999 on your Jeep of any condition, and to schedule a free Jeep removal.

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Car Jeep Wreckers Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter

United Car Removal is the hassle-free Jeep Removal that does all the work and only puts cash in your pockets. With eco-friendly Jeep recycles, we follow all Australian green car recycling regulations, offering you a carefree recycle. Our wreckers remove all the liquids, including draining the oil and ensuring that it is properly contained for recycling. They then drain all other fluids like the radiator fluid to be recycled. A specialist removes the Freon gas, ensuring the hazardous material is safely contained. We are a Jeep wrecker that pays full attention to all details to make sure that your vehicle disposal is the safest and follows all regulations of green auto recycling.

Once all the fluids and liquids are drained and recycled, our Jeep wreckers then begin to dismantle the vehicle to recycle and refurbish the steel, parts, and components. Once done, you have a green auto recycle that pays cash. We offer up to $9999 CASH for Jeeps of any year and condition. Just contact us at the number above for free Jeep wreckers in Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter or the Central Coast regions.

Get Up To $9999 Cash for Jeeps Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast, Today!

At United Car Removal, you get cash for the removal of your Jeep of any year and condition. We will buy your Jeep whether it is:

Scrap condition, rusted condition, used condition, accident condition, old condition, damaged condition, salvage condition, fire condition, flooded condition, etc.

  1. Give us a call and let us know the details of your Jeep so that we can make you a cash offer.
  2. We’ll make you an offer that is based on the resale or recycles value.
  3. Accept or reject our offer.
  4. Schedule a free Jeep Removal Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter or Central Coast.
  5. Count your cash!

It is that easy to sell your unwanted Jeep to United Car Removal.

  1. Our quotes take only a few minutes to obtain.
  2. Our removal technicians schedule convenient Jeep removals around the clock, any day of the year.
  3. We provide the paperwork, so you just sign.

What’s Needed of You?

United Car Removal guarantees no heavy work, no hassles, and only convenience. Our removal technicians do all the inspecting, loading and removing the vehicle in about 45 minutes. We do ask that you have the vehicle parked in an area that allows our tow truck access to the car, as well as the plates of the vehicle, removed. At the time we exchange our cash for Jeep offer, we will need you to sign the paperwork, sign over the title of ownership or scrap title, and show us your photo ID. With that, you have the cash for the sale of your Jeep in hand.

Get Your Jeep of Any Year and Condition SOLD Today

To get your Jeep sold for up to $9999 CASH, give the pros at United Car Removal a call at the number below. We also offer cash quotes through our “Get a Quote” form on our web page. We are the best auto wreckers on Central Coast.

Call us on 0487002222