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Welcome to United Car Removal, the leading car selling business in Sydney.  Our company specialises in cash for cars and scrap car removal services and provides its services in all of Sydney, including the beautiful suburb of Bondi. Rusted, damaged or scrap vehicle. If you own any such car and want to free up the space in garage, contact United Car Removal at 0423 585 460 or write us an email at
for FREE car removal service.
We haven’t even come to the best part yet. You know what it is? Well, when you call United Car Removal to get rid of your old vehicle, you also get some hefty amount of cash in return. Thanks to our years of experience when it comes to cash for scrap services, United Car Removal guarantees to offer best returns on damaged, scrap or abandoned vehicles. We will help you convert your old, junk car into cash and that too in an easy and fast manner.

Round the clock services

Serving an endless list of clients in all over Sydney, including Bondi, United Car Removal is now pleased to offer its services round the clock! Now, you don’t have to think about time before you pick up the phone and dial 0423 585 460, because you can be sure of our availability. Years of data, requests of clients, and industry research made us take this step of offering our services, regardless of what time the clock is telling. We know old vehicles are nothing but stress. And getting rid of them is even a bigger stress.

To help our clients easily get rid of their scrap cars without having to get home early from office to deal with the towing trucks, we now offer our services round the clock. Now, our clients in Bondi won’t have to worry about the time when they want to make some quick buck for their old vehicles.

All excited? Contact our experienced team at United Car Removal Bondi at 0423 585 460 or write us an email at
to get some quick cash offers.

We understand that old car removal sounds like a tedious and expensive task to many, but you haven’t met the ambitious team of United Car Removal. We offer our services in Bondi, round the clock and with amazing cash returns. Did you think you wouldn’t get anything for your damaged, rusted and scrap car? You’re fortunately wrong, because even scrap is worth some cash. From metal to scrap to old components – all are accounted for when you call United Car Removal to sell your scrap cars to. Rusted. Smashed. Scrapped. Destroyed. If that sounds like your car, United Car Removal is your answer. We ensure you that you won’t find better deals anywhere else in Bondi.

All you need to do is call us at 0423 585 460 or write us an email at
. Send us some details of your vehicle and we will get back to you with cash offers that you won’t be able to say no to!