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Top Things To Know About Car Removal Services

You might have an old, unwanted or scrap car in your garage which might not be worth selling. It has reached the end of its days and is taking up space with no real purpose? This would be the time when you would probably be thinking of getting rid of your old car without going through the hassle of looking for buyers or to meet the advertising cost.

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This is when the role of car removal companies comes in place, which many people are unaware of. United Car Removal is the premier vehicle removal service in the Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter regions for all your old car removal needs.

In today’s post, experts at United Car Removal are sitting together to help you – our clients – understand the different factors that make a car removal company better than independent buyers or agents who work on commissions.

It is absolutely free

The most common misconception about Car Removal is that you have to pay to get your vehicle removed. This is untrue as there is no cost associated with the removal process. You do not have to pay a cent to get your car removed. This means that we at United Car Removal would save you from the towing cost, advertisement cost, as well as the cost of turning your car in a presentable condition in order to sell it at a good price. We will buy it from you regardless of its condition.

Instant cash in your pocket

Not only do you not have to pay for the service but you can get instant cash for it too. Car removal companies realize the recycling value of your car due to which you earn cash on the spot. United Car Removal pays up to $9,999 instant cash for your car regardless of whether it is scrap, old, junk, damaged, running or not running. You not only save yourself from the hassle but also get the best price for your unwanted car.

Quick, easy and hassle-free

The removal transaction can be carried out within a few hours’ time. The system is designed in a way that makes the process quick, easy and hassle-free for the seller. United Car Removal values its customers and ensures that you get a hassle-free experience with us. You just have to call us with your vehicle details, we will offer you a price quote, if you agree to the quote, we will remove your vehicle from your premises within the same day or as per your convenience. Selling your unwanted car cannot be easier than this.

 Contribution to the environment

By choosing a Car Removal company, you are not only gaining benefits but also playing your role in a better environment. Registered Car Removal companies don’t head over to the landfills, but recycle your car to be repurposed for parts or for materials to make other items. This reduces the waste your car produces and in return saves your car from becoming landfill.

All the above factors portray the reasons that will not make you think twice about the removal of your unwanted car. Call United Car Removal today at 0423 585 460.