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Compare Car Removalist With Dealers In Sydney

When you have an old car in your garage that needs to be disposed of there are some disposing options from which you can choose from. However, most of the times the biggest dilemma is whether to Sell your Old Car to second-hand car dealers or call a Car Removal company. Well, the ultimate decision will be down to the car owner, but the following factors should be considered while choosing how to dispose of the car.

Value for your car- The amount of money that you get paid for your car is very important. You should only sell yours at best price that you can get and not at a throwaway price. In this case, your best option would be to go for a car removal company such as United Car Removal. “Car Removal” companies would offer a better price than second car dealers because unlike second-hand car dealers, car removal companies are not only interested in reselling your car at a profit. ‘Second-hand car dealers’ aim at making a profit from your car, and so they have to buy the car at the lowest price possible. For Car Removal companies such as United Car Removal SYDNEY, we have a variety of uses for your car. We, therefore, guarantee a better quote which reflects the true value of your car.

Instant Cash- Car Removal companies such as United Car Removal in Sydney pay cash on the spot. We don’t give cheques or do wire transfers which are inconvenient to the customers. Instead, once we have settled on a quote, we shall offer you the cash immediately, before Towing the Car Away. Second-hand car dealers on the other hand work in different ways. Most of them would insist on bank transfers or cheques. Furthermore, some of them may not have the cash ready at hand and would promise to pay in installments or only after they have sold the car. This way, it is always better to deal with car removal companies.

Instant services- Car removal companies in Sydney such as United Car Removal are on call twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We shall be there to serve you whenever we are needed no matter the time of the day or night. Second-hand car dealers, on the other hand, are not always available and only have specified working hours. They are therefore inconvenient and may not help you in times of emergencies. Call us at 0423 585 460.